Domino QQ – A Popular Indonesian Poker Variation

If you are to play at an Indonesian online poker site, it might interest you to join in a Domino QQ table and discover why it’s popular among Indonesians. It’s a type of poker game invented by Indonesians, which can be played with either a set of 28 dominoes or special playing cards.

It’s also called 9.9 Domino while the QQ actually stands for “kiu -kiu” which roughly translates as “split” in Indonesia. If you are to gamble online in a Chinese online casino, Domino QQ is known as Pai Gow. Similar to a regular poker online game, Domino QQ players place a fixed bet or ante in a pot that will be awarded as the prize of the player who scores with the highest card or tile value. A player can also choose between high bet or low bets when playing his cards.

Winners are based on the total score of the three (sometimes four) tiles or cards held by the player. However, just like in poker, if a player feels that the total score is too weak to pit against the scores achieved by other players, he can simply fold or forfeit his or her right to gamble on his QQ cards.

Scores have high or low rankings, and you can find in the video below which scores are good enough to challenge another player’s score, usually the player who makes the highest bet.

How the QQ Cards or Domino Tiles are Played

Each player will receive three tiles or cards, and while keeping the cards face dow, assess the total score that their cards have achieved. If you are the highest bettor in the table and your cards have a total score that other players cannot match, you win the pot money. You are not required to show your cards and your total score.

Now if another player thinks his score is high enough to beat your total, he can challenge you by calling your high bet or even raising your bet amount. Now here’s the thin, if your score is lower, you will lose your right to claim the pot because the challenger with a higher score will claim it. So if you score is low, and has little chance of winning you can simply fold instead of calling the challenger’s raised bet. That way, you only lost your high-bettor right to claim the pot money.

Yet just like in poker games, be careful when bluffing with high bets because seasoned poker players can mentally make estimates of how many high cards have already been dealt.
Sometimes more than one player may challenge the score of the highest bettor, and whoever has the highest score wins the pot and the additional bets.

If after the score are revealed, two or more players turn out as equal contenders because they have the same score, a fourth card will be dealt. Whoever holds a fourth card with highest value will win the pot.