Gambling: from Game to Addiction


Gambling is a game of chance, the consequences of which are unpredictable and risky. You can bet money and win or lose. Think about it:

– Playing card games for money
– Buying a state lottery
– Online poker
– Going to Casino

They want you to win, but you can’t influence it by practicing a lot, for example. Some games allow you to influence results through your own insights and skills. These are skill games like pinball and some computer games.

Is Gambling Addictive?

Gambling is an addiction as you keep striving for it. You are wasting more and more time and money on it. School, work, hobbies, friendship are all suffering. Still, it can be difficult to stop gambling.

Chips Determine Profit or Loss

When playing slot machines, the chips are not affected. It is therefore incorrect for players to be able to predict a win through a machine by playing a lot on the same slot machine. Only the chips of the slot machine determine the chances of winning or losing.

Poker: Is it also a game of chance?

Poker is also a money-betting game, but you can earn better points with practice and experience. However, our government considers poker to be a game of chance. It’s a game where you don’t have much control over the results. It is mainly determined by fate. For this reason, poker falls under the gambling law.

Signs of gambling addiction

Gamers in need don’t dare to talk about it until they’re confused. They hide what they are trying to play, play more often and longer than they want, and feel guilty about it. Friends and family often don’t realize that something is wrong for a long time. The following signs may indicate that someone is gambling too much.

– No school or workplace
– Borrow money and do not repay
– Go back to get back the lost money
– Say you made money when you didn’t
– If you want to stop gambling addiction, but you can’t do so

If you or someone around you see three or more of these signals, then you are at risk of gambling addiction. It’s a good idea to take a closer look at the situation and limit or stop gambling.