Slot machine games in casinos and casinos

Casinos are state-owned. They are often called casinos, but this term is not protected. Commercial arcades can also be called casinos. In addition, there are also games of chance on online platforms such as pkv poker.

Small game and one-armed bandits

The most widely known “one-armed bandits”, but also roulette and other winning machines, belong to the gaming machines in casinos. These slot machines belong to the “small game” and are mostly spatially separated from the other game offers. Age control is required by law depending on the federal state, the minimum age is 18 or 21 years. In addition, it is checked whether male and female players for playing locked are.

Slot addiction risks

Slot machine games in casinos have the highest potential for addiction among legal games. The incentives to play are considerably stronger than with the gaming machines with the possibility of winning in commercial amusement arcades. They are operated with the help of a start lever.

The game is played using a specific combination of symbols on 3-5 rotating reels. With the right winning combination, for instance, winnings of over € 50,000 can be achieved in Germany. There are roulette machines that multiple players can play at the same time.

Another factor behind the high addiction potential of gaming machines is the fast sequence of games. Just as with the gaming machines, the machines suggest to the players that the game can be influenced.

Profits can be reinvested immediately. Slot machines also have a short payout interval. Contrary to the repeatedly expressed view of gamblers, slot machines do not become “looser” the more they are played. The reels of the slot machines are controlled by a random generator so that the chances of winning are the same for every game. Only chance determines where the reels stop. Sound and light effects increase the incentive to play as well as the possibility of, particularly high winnings. The probability that losses will occur that endanger one’s own assets is particularly high here.

Slot machine games in casinos, gambling halls, or even arcades have an enormous potential for addiction.