Understanding Indonesia’s Love for Online Gambling

Asian person playing at an online casino in Indonesia


Gambling is much loved and liked by all circles from teenagers to adults. Maybe gambling in Indonesia is one of the diseases that are difficult to cure in Indonesia and has spread throughout the community. With the development of technology, gambling itself has also developed into online gambling on sites like QQSlot.

Gambling is now divided into two, namely offline gambling and online gambling. Offline gambling must be the gambler who has to go to the casino or find a bookie to play and find a gambling agent to place a bet.

Online gambling is very easy to find on sites on the internet and how to play is also not so difficult, only you need a connection to the internet. Easily gambling can be accessed, more and more people play gambling because it makes it easier to place gambling bets wherever they are. Many people who like to play gambling on the grounds of playing gambling online can make money, with a little capital can get a lot of money and gambling becomes a habit (addicted to playing). Maybe in Indonesia, many people make gambling on their daily food. They always play to expect victory even though they sometimes experience defeats that eventually make them suffer losses instead of profits. Even though you have lost, you still want to play again and play again.

As for the factors that cause why Indonesians like to gamble, namely:

1. Improving the standard of living

People think playing gambling can raise their standard of living, which from a simple life can be a luxurious life. And they think from small capital can fold it dozens of times so that small capital can increase social inequality but they forget that they lose, not get a gap or increased standard of living but there is adding to the misery.

2. Gambling addiction

Usually, beginners who are just learning to play gambling will be addicted to playing if he always wins bets, or for those who have been playing for a long time but cannot escape gambling altogether because it is caused by the influence of friends or many who offer to gamble. Maybe this factor is difficult to overcome for gamblers who want to stop because gambling has become their daily food.


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3. Factors of situations and conditions:

Situations and Conditions that affect or trigger us toward gambling. If there is pressure from friends who invite us to gamble then maybe we can participate in the gambling, for fear of embarrassment or unpleasantness so forced to play so addictive and continue to play every friend invited.

4. The perception of winning is greater than losses

The perception factor here is the thought that gambling must have a greater chance of winning than losing. The gambler is very confident that he will win even though the chance of winning is very small and in his mind is always embedded the chances of winning are greater. For example: when he loses then he will think maybe after this defeat I will win in the next opportunity and continue like that.

5. No special skills are required

Many people think that they cannot work in an office or do ordinary work and he thinks gambling is one way to earn income. Those with small capital can already earn a steady income or Gamble as a permanent job. They must think, why else have to work hard and then get a little salary to gamble can be a lot of money. But it’s not always that you can win.

6. Entertainment factor

Sometimes the fad factor / for this entertainment is just to waste time or to fill our space (there is no work of the person playing gambling to get through the day quickly) and maybe for the more fore and many problems so run to gambling to eliminate the problem for a moment.

7. Curiosity

Factor This factor makes people always play gambling continuously because of their curiosity that makes them play. He always felt why I couldn’t win and ended up always gambling to satisfy his curiosity until his desire was fulfilled.