Fish Shooting : A Popular Arcade Game in Indonesian Online Gambling Sites

In Indonesia, one of the widely played real-money betting products in online casinos are Fish Shooting games, or what are locally known as Tembak Ikan games. Even SBOBET’s Judi Online Resmi or official betting site, offers fish shooting games as additional entertainment for football bettors.

How to Win Real Money with Fish Shooting Games

The main goal in any type of Tembak Ikan game is to kill as many sea creatures as possible while they swim across the virtual undersea playing field. Every fish has a corresponding multiplier that applies in calculating rewards based on the coin bet placed by a player.

Regular Targets – The small fries have multipliers ranging between 2x to 8x, while the medium-sized assortment of fish and sea creatures can increase coin prizes by as much as 7x to 18x. Needless to say, the large creatures reward higher payouts because their multipliers are between 25x to 80x.

Objects with Special Prizes – are targets that take longer to destroy or kill because they offer special rewards. Once in a while, Gold Ingots appear, which are great targets because they come with a 20x multiplier each. There are also the large Golden Hammerheads that award random multipliers anywhere between 50x and 500x. Don’t be scared when a Golden Dragon goes slithering across the screen because it is the mother of all targets; randomly releasing multipliers ranging from 200x to 888x.

Some groups of fish appear trapped in a Bubble, which makes it easier for a fish shooter to claim several fish multipliers via a single target. . .

Watch out for Bombs not because they can disrupt a game. Players should actually focus their attention on these objects because they have a special pay-boosting feature. A player who successfully detonates a bomb gets to collect the rewards of all fish sea creatures in view, as they are as good as dead, once a Bomb explodes.

Betting Options in Fish Shooting Games

There are three kinds of Game Modes in a typical Tembak Ikan game, and each mode has a minimum and maximum coin requirement to place as bet. Also, each mode determines the number of bullets per shot that a player can use every time he or she launches shots at a target.

Mode 1 – Offers one (1) bullet that requires a minimum-maximum of 1 to 9 coin/s per shot.

Mode 2 – Offers 2 bullets with an increased betting range of 10 to 80 coins per shot.

Mode 3 – Offers 3 bullets but players have to place 100 coins minimum and up to 1000 coins maximum per shot.

This denotes that when opting to play with Modes 2 and 3, players have to strategize on how they will use their bullets and in choosing their targets. While several bullets can hit small to medium sized sea creatures, the payouts may not be enough to make up for the cost of bullets used in destroying them.

Special Features of a Conventional Fish Shooting Game

A typical Fish Shooting game comes with an Autofire Feature that enables a player to automatically fire shots at a target by simply tapping on the element.

A Target Lock Feature is a handy tool to use, especially when in combination with the Autofire Feature. Double-tapping on the target locks it in as the object of all shots fired, even as the element moves across the playing field.

Just a word of caution though: Fish Shooting games are highly addictive, for which we suggest to first play a demo game in order to have a feel of what it’s like to play the game.