Mega888 Tips for Increasing Chances of Hitting “Ang Pao” Bonus Credits

Mega888 rewards regular customers with “Ang Pao” Bonuses, with which many are curious about ways of increasing their chances of getting one.

There is no specific set of rules on how to qualify for “Ang Pao,” since these bonus credits are randomly generated by the video slot machines offered by mega888. A number of customers have had the good fortune of receiving virtual red packets more than once; while many who constantly play at the Asian online casino have received at least one “Ang Pao.”

While regular play and luck are the main driving factors, slot machine players can increase the possibility of driving good luck on their side.

Sticking to One Slot Machine Title While Playing Regularly

Although some customers think that by playing different games, they might just get to pick one that will generate the bonus credits for them. Well, there is always a chance of hitting a bonus credit with any slot game. Mainly because at any time, the Random Number Generator (RNG) micro chip might produce the right number combination needed to trigger a “red packet” hit.

Yet the best way to increase one’s chance of winning an “Ang Pao” is to play regularly at the online casino with the same slot game, until it yields the promo bonus credit. Keep in mind that the RNG works toward generating the number even when the game is not being played. That being the case, “Ang Pao” credits are ripe for the taking at any time.

That is why sticking to a particular game and staying connected to it, increases one’s chances of being the lucky player who hits the winning combination triggering an “Ang Pao” release.

Still, if a slot machine game has been actively releasing bonus credits in recent days or weeks, the chances of striking an “Ang Pao” via that game, would be reduced.

Stay Alert for Mega888 “Ang Pao” Tips

Playing regularly at mega888 will enable players to view the latest flash tips that the mega888 online casino releases from time to time. Such tips are important because the mega888 platform monitors which slot machine games have already released “Ang Pao” and which ones haven’t.

On that note, savvy online slot players also take notice of announcements about the newest “Ang Pao” winners, whilst making a note of the video slot game that awarded the bonus prize. There are over 130 slot games to play with at mega888, tracking and knowing which of the slot titles have released “Ang Pao” credits, narrows down the list of titles that have potential to yield the bonus prize.

Genuine and Official Registration as a mega888 Member is Important

Make certain that you are playing as a verified mega888 customer in order to qualify Ang Pao wins as legitimate and valid. Verified registrants are those who processed their membership registrations by way of the official mega888 website.

Downloading and installing a mega888 app alone does not complete a registration; because the next step is to communicate with a mega888 support staff via Telegram or, Wechat. The support staff determines if a customer’s registration is complete before officially registering the person as a new member of the mega888 online casino.