The Possibility of Allowing Online Gambling But Closely Monitored

From mid-2021, gaming should be allowed on the Internet. Gaming addiction experts generally like that. But there are criticisms of details of the rules that the federal states have agreed on.

Legalize it! The Fight Over Internet Gambling

It is almost 70 pages thick, the new “State Treaty on Gaming Regulation”. A bulky word that turns the world of online gambling upside down. So far, only one federal state – Schleswig-Holstein – allowed gambling. Now the other federal states want to follow suit.

New rules are urgently needed because in recent years there has been a real boom in unregulated online gambling. The providers are usually located in another EU country where gambling is permitted. So the strategy is: rather allow the games here, but control them. Accordingly, the new state treaty prescribes strict rules.

Gambling Should End At 1,000 Euros

There should be a deposit limit per month. Providers must set up a gaming account for each player. If the user has invested 1000 euros, it is over for him. Then the user account will be blocked. Possible profits should not be counted towards this limit.

Wolfgang Kursawe, head of the gambling addiction department at the Drug Aid Cologne, considers the limit to be somewhat naive. His experience is that addicts are very creative when it comes to either getting money or finding ways to play.

“The players will open a second or third account with another provider – under a different name. I think that is somewhat blue-eyed that no more than 1,000 euros are wasted if someone is addicted,” says the addiction consultant from his many years of experience.

Addiction counselor: “Gambling legalization is correct”

Overall, many gambling addiction counselors think that it’s good that online gambling is now being legalized. It’s out of date to want to ban certain things online. With new laws legalizing gambling online, there’s an opportunity to incorporate consumer protection measures.

Organizers of sports betting, online casino games, online poker, and virtual slot machines must use an “automated system” for the early detection of gamblers at risk of gambling addiction. Advertising may only be carried out on the Internet under certain conditions. There should be a ban on advertising for sports betting on the radio and on the Internet between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Central authority to monitor gambling

A central gaming authority in the federal states monitors and makes sure that everything is running correctly on the Internet. Protection of minors and players should be guaranteed and the development of betting addiction prevented.

In the future, gamblers who have themselves voluntarily blocked or have been blocked by a provider are to be recorded in a lock file. The providers must keep all game data available to the authority for control purposes. This should be able to check whether game progress has been manipulated at the expense of players or whether the requirements of the law have been violated.

With these new developments in online gaming laws, there’s a possibility that other nations like Indonesia will find it feasible. It could be possible that Situs Judi Online will be operating under legal laws. But that possibility is yet to be seen.