Yggdrasil Takes the Lead in Using Google Cloud to Deploy iGaming Products

Award-winning iGaming content provider Yggdrasil recently completed initiatives for migrating to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The move is unprecedented but was granted approval by the Gibraltar Gaming and Gambling Commission and other regulators; being important requirements that Yggdrasil must meet before it can finalize the Google Cloud migration.

In an interview with CasinoBeats, Yggdrasil’s Chief Technology Officer Krzysztof Opalka, explained that one of the reasons why migrating to the GCP was important is the need to enhance the consistency of their infrastructure and of the processes in their development software and IT operations (DevOps.)

In line with Yggdrasil’s commitment to deliver the best in online gaming content, they have to carry out distribution strategies in varying on-premise set ups located in different parts of the world. However, the company was faced with rising overhead costs, to which a unification of strategies was the most cost-effective solution.

Actually, the Google Cloud migration was a year-long project that also included the introduction of game adoption tools and interface (GATI) solution for the company’s YG Franchise. The main objective of which is to enable the company to have better control of costs, as well as increase capabilities for scaling up or down the YG Franchise, without further need for additional hardware investments.

About Yggdrasil’s YG Franchise

The company’s YG Franchise program, comprise agreements entered into with regional market leaders who will provide technology for games distribution. As a YG Franchisee, the company will see to the efficient distribution of Yggdrasil’s best video slots to online casinos located in their respective regions. Content delivery includes the necessary reporting and back office tools that enhance the quality of Yggdrasil’s online casino games.

Flow Gaming for one has secured a YG Franchise that grants the Asia-facing, casino-games distributor, access to Yggdrasil’s complete DevOps process, to the new GATI solutions, as well as to Yggdrasil’s tools for game promotions.

Yggdrasil Video Slots Add Competitive Edge to Online Casinos

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